3 plus 1 io

Play a puzzle with an interesting and unusual meaning. Compete in 3 plus 1 io with real opponents to win all the cells. If you want, you can become a champion in this game. Do not let players paint the cage in a different color.

How to play 3 plus 1 io

Before you will be displayed playing field, which is divided into squares. If you click on any of the squares, then one of its walls will become painted over. You can click on this square again to paint over another wall. There is no need to paint over the third wall, because your opponent will capture this square with its color.

The more cells you capture, the greater the chance of winning. 3 plus 1 io game develops attentiveness, logic and speed of thinking. If you think long, your move will automatically go to another player, and the system will block you for 15 seconds. Try to preview your next step in advance so you don’t have to think long when it’s your turn.

3 plus 1 io


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