Adversator io should get your attention. First you need to pay attention to the choice of the main character, whose management you will be engaged at all levels, and then you need to start fighting for the desire to win.

The main character can be pumped, improving its characteristics. When the strength of the protagonist at the height, try to create your team. Fight enemies, conducting preliminary preparations for battles, and remember that you are given very little time to win.

How to play

The action of this game will take place on the territory, where the main rulers have always been huge giants. They all belong to different armies that fight each other. They are constantly fighting and trying to seize power over all living creatures in the world. But not only horrible giants live here, but also stone dragons.

Join one of the armies and try to seize power. This task is not so simple, because its implementation will be constantly complicated by opponents and difficult conditions. If you like to perform challenging tasks and pass strategies, then this game will surely attract your attention.

Adversator io


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