Start the battle with by typing a nickname and selecting a PVP server. Depending on the mode, the rules will be slightly different. gameplay is associated with height and weight gain. You will begin the movement of a small cell placed in a nutrient medium. The first food source will be nutritious multi-colored grains. Direct your cage to the places of clusters and see how the weight grows! Each eaten point increases weight. Strive to get as much as possible before you meet with the enemy. It will happen sooner or later, and it is better if you are stronger, then you can absorb the cells of other players.

How to play

1) While you are a small cell, try to hide from other competitors: look for safe viral islands and gradually gain weight.

2) The smaller you are, the faster you grow. Many players resort to tricks: they are divided into places where food accumulates in order to gain mass faster. This method works great: after half a minute, the well-fed cells merge again into one large one. But if there are larger cells nearby other players, forget about it, you will be easy prey.

3) He who does not eat for a long time loses mass, retains his form and does not forget to move. After eating, the crumbs disappear, but after a while they are synthesized again.
4) If you are a helpless cell, look for protection next to viruses. They are easily recognizable by jagged edges and bright green color.


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