prepared a special opportunity of a collective game, able to unite friends and enjoy the process together, supporting their comrades in difficult situations. Friends can now play and share their emotions, defending each other from attacks of enemy units. Given that this is an MMO, it will not be boring, because bots are not here, but only live players!

At the entrance to the game register, and then create a “party”, which includes its neighbor and start the passage together. Enter either through social networks or into your account. Of course, this has its pros, thanks to the multiplayer game you reduce your chance of being eaten. You can think of different ways to pass, in the future becoming a reliable team and try to dominate other teams.

Despite all this, you can go in solo mode, becoming a loner and wander through the big terrain in search of food. But still be careful, so absorb the bacteria will be much more complex and dangerous. Run from enemies and create tricky moments!


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