Bass drop io is a cool io game in which you will control the tank and shoot the bass on the opponents. There are unusual rules, because you will not have shells. Your tank releases with its cannon loud basses that will shoot down opponents in the abyss. The action takes place in space in the battle arena, which is built with blocks.

Blocks are divided into two types, the first constant, and the second will periodically disappear. When you are on the blocks of the second type, use the right mouse click to jump between the holes. If your tank gets into a hole, you lose.

Also in the game there are 3 levels of life, so you can not lose at once, but only with the third loss. Collect yellow balls for extra points. Your opponents will attack you, so always be careful and fend by clicking on the left mouse button. After a click with the muzzle of your tank will fly a loud bass, which would give a boost to your enemy.

Bass drop io


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