Battle point io is a real war among the players who have entered the game. Find a decent weapon for the entire character, as all the players are well armed and ruthlessly destroy all who fall into their eyes. The game will be a large variety of pistols, rifles, submachine guns and more. You are in a city where there is a fierce battle among 40 participants.

One server can accommodate up to forty players from around the world. In order for the game to work correctly, without lags, choose a server that is closer to your place of residence. In another case, you may notice minor interruptions and jerks.

The essence of the game is to stay alone on the playing field, destroying all players. You need to collect ammo, choose the best weapon and do not forget the standard of living of your hero. If it is down to the minimum value, you immediately need to find a first aid kit to recover and continue to fight for the first place in this battle!

Battle point io


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