Big Chungus io

In Big Chungus io game you'll run Bugs Bunny and eat carrots. You in Big Chungus Club need to grow to the maximum size and destroy all rivals. You will play in the meadow, where the carrot grows, which you need to collect and eat. Also in the game arena are holes, through which your rabbit can escape from evil rivals to another part of the field.

How to play Big Chungus io

To control your character, you need to move only a computer mouse. Run to the side where the carrot grows. You need to do everything possible to eat it and become a little more.

Big Chungus Club Game Points

For each eaten vegetable in the Big Chungus game you get points on your game account. The more points you have, the higher the rating of your Bugs Bunny. It is necessary to look closely at rivals that near you there was not a big rabbit. If it is stronger than your character, you lose and the game will need to start again.

Big Chungus io


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