Bladers io You may recall the famous game about spinners, but the meaning and graphics here is a little different. At the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to choose a free skin. Skins in the game are made in the form of a crown, with elements of 3d graphics. Once you have started to play, try to collect as many colored balls. Follow the rating of your character and do not forget to control the standard of living, which is indicated by the stripe. If the band began to decrease, we recommend avoiding collision with rivals. But in the case when the standard of living is 100% filled, rush to the attack and destroy each opponent, which will fall on your way.

The more you score, the faster your crown in will spin. The power of impact will also depend on the speed of promotion, so do not try to attack opponents, whose rating is higher than yours. Strive to get to the top of the rating and then your crown justifies your status!

Bladers io


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