Blitz Royale io is a multiplayer game, or rather a 2d shooter, the style of which fits under the IO category. Here the one who will fight well and will not give itself to the offense wins. All opponents must be destroyed, otherwise you will not be able to become a winner. Around your character, on the map will be scattered a variety of weapons that you need to pick up for the fight. Beware of the red zone that will move to the center of the field. It is necessary to avoid collision with this zone as it is radioactive and will defeat you.

In the game you will find the FFA and command mode. Try to play the first option, if it does not satisfy you, you can finish the game and switch to another mode. In your Arsenal maximum can be only two variants of weapons. We recommend not to waste time on reloading of the first weapon, and to switch to the second, as the process of recharging can take a long time!

Blitz Royale io


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