Boas io is a new io game about a snake, which should eat everything and grow very large. Boas io is very similar in meaning to hole, but here is a lot more interesting!
At the very beginning of the game, go through training to understand how to play correctly.

Game target

You have to to control the snake, which with the help of its long tail make a loop and destroy everything around. Start with small items: it can be a mug, a notepad, a pencil or some other fine thing. After your snake becomes bigger, try to destroy larger objects or objects. The more your pet will eat, the faster it will grow. Your goal is to create a big snake that should eat the whole city!

How to play

For the movement of the snake, move the cursor on the screen. It will crawl to the side where you move the computer mouse. You have to make closed loops so that they light up in red. The snake will start destroying the object. Do not forget about the rivals who can attack you at the most inopportune moment. Try to clamp the smaller player with his deadly loop to make the field less competitors and grow at the expense of its mass. Have a nice game!

Boas io


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