Bow Royale io

New interesting Bow Royale io game about archers, will give the opportunity to fight on the bows between the two teams. Shoot well in game.

At the very beginning, you are given the opportunity to practice achieving the goal in order to understand how to control the shooter and the string tension force. After a short workout, you begin to fight with the most real warriors armed with bows.

Bow Royale io


How to play

To start the battle, you need to come up with your nickname. After that, select the team and the game character. To shoot, hold the spacebar and release it at the right time.

When the button is pressed, the tension of the string will increase, and if you overdo it, the arrow will fly very far. You need to feel this game, and after that you will always hit your opponent with the first shot. Good luck in the battle!

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