Action Edition Action Edition is a frightening mystery of the zombie world. In the apocalyptic universe, of course, it is necessary to overtake and infect the maximum number of people. At the same time, other zombie players are incomparably larger. Here simulated the interior of the cottage and surrounding surroundings. Brainless people can hide in the bushes and other hard-to-reach objects. However, if you like to wander through the abandoned world of the original game, you can find a lot of victims and earn points. Challenge yourself in the role of inhabitant dark Zombie world!

The main characters of Action Edition are Walking Dead and monsters. They roam the Earth in search of another victim. This is a free game for horror lovers. To not become prey to monsters and zombies must constantly move. Explore the environment carefully to hide or attack the enemy in time. Learn the habits of the Walking Dead, eat their food, so that you do not exposed and could not brainwash. If Death comes, the game is finished. Therefore, it is necessary to play for survival to become the absolute winner. Action Edition


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