Braains 2 io is the sequel to the popular io game where you play on the zombie side. Your goal is to capture the whole world, to make all people like you. To do this, go through the big city and attack the inhabitants to spread the virus. After you meet a person, he will automatically become a zombie, and your team will be replenished with a new player.

How to play

To become a winner in this fun game, you need to have time to infect all people. Each round is given a certain time during which it is necessary to have time to spread the deadly virus. If the game remains uninfected players, then humanity will become a winner, and you will accordingly lose. can be attributed to the team game, since it is impossible to defeat opponents on your own. All players must act mutually and help each other.

You can control your zombies using the WASD keys. In fact, in addition to moving on the map, you no longer need to take any measures. If you see a small obstacle in front, press the space bar to jump over it. Spread the virus in the allotted time and become the most powerful zombie in the history of io games.

Braains 2 io


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