Brutal io game is simple, but it’s easy to lose here. The game can be seen as the development of the idea laid in Zlapio. Behind your character a ball flies on a thin cord, the sizes of which increase with time. However, the ball can now be unhooked and sent to the enemy side. So, as we found out, the character has a weapon. By clicking the mouse, the ball can be launched into the opponent. When you click and hold the mouse again, the ball returns to us.

This is important, because in Brutalio you can not only run the ball into the opponent, but also hit him with a return. Increasing the ball is facilitated by the collection of points scattered by sources. If you crash into the source, more points will pour out of it. In addition, pulsating green triangular creatures run around the map, for which glasses are also given.

On the map there are red zones of electric barriers. The contact in them threatens an instant death. from the creators of Wingsio has a boring gameplay, the pumped players have a slight advantage over newcomers. If you are already fed up with Slitherio or tanks, try this io game!

Brutal io


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