Build royale io

Build Royale io unblocked brings you back to the famous Battle Royale genre! You need to build and survive among rivals who want to kill you. To survive in, find a weapon on the map with which you can protect yourself. Then collect the resources to build your shelter.

Resources are extracted in the usual way, you need to cut down trees and demolish stones with a pick. When you see that there is a necessary amount of building materials in the warehouse, you can build a protective zone. By pressing Q button, you automatically switch to construction mode.

Build royale io


Build royale io unblocked

Build Royale io unblockedRemember that your defense is destructible, and the enemy will be able to pierce the wall of your object with several blows or shots. To do this, you need to collect more resources to strengthen the area by making strong walls.

Do not forget that Build Royale io is a game that falls into the category of Battle Royal, and the red zone will periodically strain you. You need to escape for some time in the opposite direction so as not to receive radioactive radiation.


To move your character, click WASD.
Press Q to build.
To attack or defend, click the left mouse button.

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