Cats vs dogs io game was the embodiment of the endless confrontation of pets. The conflict is on a different level and allows you to figure out who is stronger, cats or dogs? For this, gamers are scattered around the world and forced to fight to defend the honor of the team. Winning managed to unite and conquer all zones. In addition to the advantages on points, large areas increase the number of pharmacies and the number of stores.

How to play Catsvsdogsio?

Choose the opposing side and remember the control scheme:

  • Walking the WASD button.
  • To hit, press the left click.
  • Acceleration with the right click.
  • Press the spacebar to charge.
  • Interaction with the button E.


In the battle, he will win, whose mass and blow will be greater. However, allows you to defeat such rivals. When you press E and help the teammate, there will be a bomb that does powerful damage. Remember that a heavy opponent is slow and simply avoid using acceleration, and if he hooks your shit, then lose health.

Cats vs dogs io


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