Clash Of Tanks io

Clash Of Tanks io is a battle between two teams that protect their bases from destruction. If all stations are destroyed, you will lose!
You need to improve your tanks on three criteria: make a stronger armor, a powerful shot and raise the standard of living. To do this, collect points and go to the upgrade to raise the level of your tank.

In total, the game has 7 types of tanks. Each one is different in size, strength, and weapon. The largest tank is Mammoth, it has the most powerful and destructive shots. For this tank to appear on the battlefield, the scales must be completely filled. The smallest and fastest buggy riding on wheels and shooting small shells at opponents.

Clash Of Tanks io


Clash Of Tanks io unblocked

Clash Of Tanks io unblockedTo become a winner in this game, you need to come up with your battle strategy. It is necessary to give preference to some tanks and upgrade them to maximum levels. The more powerful your combat vehicles, the easier it will be to win.

Look at the random list of tanks at the bottom of the screen and select the appropriate one, waiting for the desired number on the scale. We recommend using only those tanks that you have already managed to upgrade.


To activate a tank from the list, drag it with a computer mouse to your part of the battlefield.

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