Combat Zone io you will make a real fighter who will manage a powerful tank among a lot of rivals and autonomous infantry troops. In this world you fight only for yourself and ruthlessly destroy all who dares to get you on the way. Do not expect that you will not be affected by your rivals, because they crave your death to break into the leaders of this game.

Control the tank among the trees, trying to hide in the bushes and become invisible to the enemy. All infantry troops are controlled by the program, and they shoot from the bazooka on the tanks. Hover the sight and click on the left mouse button to shoot. Your weapons are more powerful than soldiers, and you can destroy each one with the first shot.

If in the game you met another tank, it means that behind his helm is a real player who will shoot you accurately with the intention to destroy your tank. Look at the level of life of his hero, to accidentally not lose, catching the projectile released from the trunk of his opponent.

Combat Zone io


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