Crazy Nite io is the newest shooter based on the Honourable Fortnite. You and other Crazy Nite io players are available to have an island to find out who is cooler.

How to Play

As soon as you enter the, you descend on a parachute to the island and you have some time to choose a corner for safer or more than a gun, which can be there. Weapons are important, because you initially only a knife. Undoubtedly effective, but useless against firearms, weapons.

What weapon is there in Crazy Nite io?

You have a rather large selection of powerful weapons, in addition to the already designated knife. In addition, on the map there is still a lot of different items for which you can hide. And you can build a reinforcement yourself. To put a wall it is enough to click by right clicking. For this undoubted need some resources. Free cheese is only in the Mousetrap and is no exception. Still, meet cute barrels, which are scattered like hot cakes at the City Festival, but take with them to the world of another, all who are not fortunate to be nearby. Keep in mind when you hide and use for your own purposes against the rest if possible.

Crazy Nite io


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