CrowdedCity io

CrowdedCity io is an amazing game in which you control a little man. You need with the help of other residents to create the largest team. All players are divided into different colors to simplify game navigation. The bigger the team, the stronger it is.

You need to carefully look at the number of people in the opposing team. If he has less, you can catch up with him, and all the people from his crowd will be yours. If he has more running people, then you should do everything possible not to run into them.

CrowdedCity io


Crowded City io unblocked

Crowded City io unblockedRun in the big city CrowdedCity io and look for independent citizens. When you get close to any of them, it will automatically repaint in your color, and your team will increase by one character. You will be the leader of the gang and will actually control only one little man. If it happens that they destroy your team, you can continue the game alone.


For one round you are given 2 minutes. At the end of the game will be shown a table with a rating of the top five players. Want to be first? Then play more, and you will definitely achieve this result.

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