Cube Battle Royale

Cube Battle Royale is the story of two programmers who are forced to take a rifle and fight monsters. In the lower left corner we see seven hexagons. As in this diagram, there are seven radars that help fight monsters. To close a piece of the map we need to find and turn on the radar. As long as you turn on the radar, monsters cannot attack you. You only have twenty seconds before this piece of card closes forever. Who does not have time to get to a new piece of the map, he will die.

After dying in Cube Battle Royale, you will slowly rise, and if you play together, a friend must touch you to help you recover. But if the two die, the game will have to start again. The battle will be hot because monsters are constantly attacking.

Each player in the Cube Battle Royale can carry three weapons: an infinite base and two finite, disappearing, as soon as the cartridges end. The coolest weapon is purple. Immediately, when you sit down to turn on the radar, look at the minimap and outline the escape route. This will save precious seconds.

Cube Battle Royale



WASD for movement
E to turn on the radar
Space to attack

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