Curvz io resembles a game about snakes, but it is many different and here to play will be much more fun. New rules have been added, and they need to be memorized. In order to attack the opponent and destroy it, your character needs to grasp his tail. But do not think that it is so simple, because the opponent can press the button “space” and it instantly turns to you in front. If this happens, you can suddenly become his victim.

Also in the game there were special squares with numbers. They serve as places where you can hide from the attacking worm. But remember that only the player whose number on his character is less than the square can get there. If it is larger, you will not be able to get inside and your hero may have trouble.

On the playing field you can collect colored dots that add points to your score. The most points you get from the opponents you eat. So try to catch them and grab the tail to become the leader of this game.

Curvz io


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