Death car io offers players a ride on a death car. This means that it will be necessary to hit the cars of other players from all overclock so that they will break up into its component parts. The only task in Deathcario is to destroy the machines of other players. To do this, you need to crash into them at high speed and better in the sides or in the back.

When you collide, the forehead in the forehead is won by the one whose speed at the moment of the accident is higher. At the same time, one must take into account that speed is everything that decides. If someone stands, and you fly into it in front of your side, then the enemy will explode, and you will take only a part of life.

To accelerate machines use nitro. Fuel stock can be seen in the lower right corner. When you stand still, it replenishes quickly enough. But be careful, remember what was said above. When stuffing 4 frags your car increases in size and speed. And health replenishes with each murder. For the convenience of orientation, look at the mini-map. It shows all the cars participating in the game. To control, press the click and hold for speed.

Death car io


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