Deeeep io

Deeeep io is another version belonging to the series IO games. The main location in the game are the sea depths, among which live a variety of inhabitants. You will have a rather difficult task, to survive among them. In the beginning your fish will be very small and to try to compete with others, it will need to collect as much as possible mass. Therefore, you have to collect food and accumulate experience.

Do not forget that each player strives to become as strong as possible, and therefore avoid larger opponents until they can give a worthy rebuff. It will not be easy to survive, but if you exert maximum strength, it is quite real.

Game features

On the seabed you come across crabs, fish, sharks and many other similar creatures. Each of them has its own strength and characteristics, so try to pay attention to all the details and try to learn all their features. Only so your potential can be used to the maximum.

Chomp your rivals, become the largest creature and strive to get to the top of the ranking, where there are only the strongest. Manage your mouse, accelerate click and Chat.

Deeeep io


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