Devast io

Devast io is the newest survival game in which you find yourself in a world of chaos. Here you will fight for your life and it is necessary to overcome a lot of difficulties that you will accompany in the process of the whole game. The first task for your character is to get food and water, without which his life is impossible. To find these necessary elements, you need to work with the environment first.

Other dangerous moments in the game

Also in you will be haunted by the red zone, which at some time begins to narrow and you have to run away from there. This zone is radioactive and very dangerous for your health. When your character is there, the standard of living will start to fall and in a few seconds you can die. This can be corrected in one way by wearing a protective mask on your face. To do this, you need to find it or earn enough points to buy it in the store.

In Devast game you need to stock combustible materials, because it can colder and your character needs to ignite a bonfire for heating. Collect firewood for fires, for this cut the axe trees and fold them in a certain cell. In the game you will meet opponents who want to destroy your character and get his property. In this case, you must have a weapon that you will defend yourself against enemies.

Remember that is a multiplayer game where all the opponents are real players and everyone wants to save his character no less than you. Save your earned property, and do not forget to feed and drink your character in time. Just always look on the sides, not to get into the red zone. If this happens, immediately wear protection. Cold can also quickly harm your hero, so do not forget the number of the cell in which the firewood is stored. Here you will feel like a real single warrior in the harsh conditions of the apocalypse.

Devast io


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