Dominus 2 io

The action of the game takes place during the High Middle Ages. The player will be able to visit the role of the king, who gradually enamoured the kingdom, captured by vile traitors. The game is included in the top best strategies.

The player begins his journey with a small settlement and a squad of loyal warriors who need to develop and improve. The first thing to do is to extract resources for building buildings and feeding their residents. Since the game is not only a strategy, but also an economic simulator, the gamer must closely monitor all the parameters and choose the most successful and cost-effective solutions.

Your hero goes on a dangerous journey, in which he must find artifacts and fight with the leader of chaos.

In implemented a non-standard combat system, which is like a fighting game. To make successful strikes and tricks, the player must press a certain sequence of keys. In the game there are many strikes that are effective against some enemies and completely useless against others. The choice of the player is a lot of different weapons, divided into classes.

Dominus 2 io


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