Doodly io will not surprise you with a new idea or meaning. Here the rules are very similar to or It differs only in that you have an opportunity to choose a skin from many variants. Players ' location will now be not only vertical, but also horizontal below your easel when you enter the game from a tablet or phone.

There is also a chat, the ability to make small hints, opening any letter in a word that you have wished to other players. You are given 90 seconds to draw an image and do everything possible for other players to guess the word. If you do not get it, then your move moves to the next player and you do not earn anything.

Playing is a lot of fun with your friends, family members or co-workers. But if you do not have such players, the multiplayer feature will take care that you have a friend with whom you will not have a bad time. Try to draw clear for surrounding images, and you can get to the list of leaders of this game.

Doodly io


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