Doomed io

This is a two-dimensional simulator of gathering and survival. The usual setting will make it easy to get familiar with gameplay, and the abundance of chips and capabilities makes it not repeatable and exciting. The best in the app is:

  • Change of time;
  • The map is made up of unequal locations (forest, sands, water spaces, lava lands);
  • A lot of tools, weapons and buildings for crafting;
  • You can create armor with your own hands;
  • Instant access panel;
  • New levels give points that are spent to upgrade the characteristics of the hero (health, recovery, attack, archery skills, agility, prey).


How to play Doomedio?

Here there is an extended control scheme. The mouse allows you to direct the character and activate the attack / action. The keyboard is responsible for:

  • Walking WASD.
  • To run, press the spacebar.
  • Move slowly with the Shift key.
  • Eject the item with the Q button.


As you will appear on the field, go to the tree and extract the material to get hold of the pick. It takes a stone, and a tool is created stronger. So, collecting and creating things, get a base or store stocks to view the neighborhood.

Doomed io


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