Doomz io

Waiting for a game similar to Moomoo? Be happy because a new game called Doomz io has appeared in this genre. Earn gold, restore bases and destroy enemies!

How to play

At the corners of the Doomz io game window is a menu of our resources, stores and ratings. Look in the game store, there you will find items that will help you attack and defend, get items faster. Only five icons for artifacts are shown below. Open the inventory and there you will find all your purchased items that can be dragged into the active menu and vice versa.

Gold is the most important value in the Doomz game, because artifacts are bought for it. Gather as many resources from wood and stone as possible, and then protect your property. At this time, you can take a sword or a musket and destroy enemies by walking on the map from top to bottom and back.

Doomz io



WASD for movement
Figures for choosing items
Left click to attack and build

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