Dynast io

Create your own dynasty in Dynast io and become the Lord of the entire game card in this IO game, destroying all enemies! It will be very difficult to achieve such results, because your enemies will be not only players, but also the monsters which you will definitely meet!

In the Dynast.io game will be a lot of monsters, such as wolves with huge fangs, bears with very sharp claws or dragons that will spit on your hero fireballs. If you are a good player, you will be able to overcome all these monsters and build your dynasty. To help you can call your friends, if you will not be very easy in battles.

In addition, in the game you can craft different items, including wood and stones. To do this you need to work with your hands, but then your character will have a baton, which can be faster and easier to destroy monsters, as well as an axe to chop faster trees and stock resources to build their territory.

After you create your own small base, start the farm, in order to have something to feed yourself and your army. It is not always possible to save all your achievements, as your opponents can take away everything and get your possessions. To make this happen, you need to create a big army to defend your dynasty!

Dynast io


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