Foes io

This is the browser version of the most popular shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As in the original, we find ourselves on a map whose edges are constantly decreasing. The main goal of is to declassify opponents, but first you will have to get a sword or a machine gun. Raise the nearest weapon to fight back from opponents, but remember that the firearm is clearly better than a sword. There are also their own distinctive features.

A view from above, makes it easier to track down the approach of enemies. Graphics at least two-dimensional, but nice to the eye. Due to the abundance of landscape details, the world appears to be full, helps to escape from bullets.

To start the Foesio battle, click “Play” and you will be on a single map with a random set of opponents. Additionally, you can change the face of the character, select a server or customize the display of blood and other graphic details.

To survive in, familiarize yourself with the control scheme, since there will be no time in the battle. The mouse controls the aiming or turning of the head, the left key for shooting, and the wheel switches the weapon. WASD for movement, F button for interaction, Shift to run.

Foes io


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