Forge of Empires io

Forge of Empires io has great features and ideas, similar to turn-based strategies. The FOE io multiplayer project will hit the players not only with graphics and music, but with the time they have to go through in the game.

The beginning of the game begins 5000 years before our era. In the player enters the Stone Age, whence the development of skills and science leads him to the Bronze Age. Studying the secrets of making iron and developing the population, the player will continue his journey in the Middle Ages. Having learned all the secrets of building castles, you can enter a new era.

Forge of Empires io


How to play

Forge of Empires io unblockedForge of Empires io will allow the player to become an immortal ruler on his land, but first you need to build stone primitive houses. Beat off enemies and, ultimately, arm your army with high-tech weapons. Successful strategists can capture the entire continent to manage it.

In addition to the construction and development of science, the player will participate in military battles, protecting their lands from invaders and expanding them at the expense of neighboring ones. The game will be battles with players, which already has more than 14 million. The massiveness of the project adds benefits to it.

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