Fowz io

A new game in which you need to fight for life among many competitors. The arena will be very hot as many players will try to destroy your character. Always be ready for battle, and at a dangerous moment strike crushing blows with your pickaxe. Fight flying objects, otherwise they will take your life. To repel the attack, you need to rotate your hero around his axis.

How to play

Click the left mouse button and you will begin to rotate 360 degrees. You should only use these movements at the right moment. If you continue to move, your character will not have enough strength, and he will die. To the strength did not leave you, collect and eat food, which is scattered on the game map.

Do not miss the moment and deliver a crushing blow to the enemy when he stands with his back to you. You do not need to expose the hero to injury, you can slyly climb in the ranking of players. Projectiles that other players and bots will throw may fly in your direction. To remain unscathed, start spinning, and they will fly away from you, as if from a stone wall.

Fowz io


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