Great filter io is made in RTS format and proposes to develop, starting from the planet, to increase economic and military power for the gradual capture of its solar system, and then the entire Galaxy.

The main task in the Greatfilterio is to raise economic and military power to capture the entire Galaxy. Begin players from one planet only, and then grab others. Through the Jump Gate, you can send your flotilla to other solar systems. To capture another planet, you need to build your fleet. But before that, it’s better to pump out economically and energetically at first, so that the planet would bring more income, and buildings would appear faster. After building the fleet you need to go to his menu in the hangar, take the necessary number of ships and go to them to capture other planets and fight with opponents on the system.

By and large in it does not matter if you are in a system with one or more planets and what type it is, it’s all for beauty. But what is really important is to pump the army and go to capture other systems, leave strong forces for defense from their planet.

Great filter io


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