Grogg io

New and very interesting game about pirates will surprise you with its graphics and unusual scenario. You can control your character on land and at sea. Enough hero to step into the water and you will have a real pirate ship with a powerful cannon on board. You will shoot at enemies who want to take away your jewelry.

On sushi your character will be in the image of a pirate, he will also be in the hands of a gun, which shoots well and strikes rivals. Point the sight to the right place and click on the left mouse button.

The task in, as always, is built on the fact to collect many points. Whoever does this will become the king of the Pirates. You probably want to make such a success? Then play you need to correctly and do not make mistakes. Look at the map where the place with treasures is displayed, it is marked with a red cross. If you managed to get to this place, click on the right mouse button to dig and get this treasure.

Do not hope that the treasures are yours, as they need to be sold in the store, and you need to get there. On the way you will be warned by your opponents who want to take away your wealth. Shoot your cannon at all players, otherwise you will be left empty-handed. Don't let your treasure be taken over by another pirate.

Grogg io


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