Gulch io

Gulch io is a new Battle Royale game in which, as always, you will fight for survival with other players. Choose the color of your soldier and go to battle!

On the map you will find a lot of different weapons and ammunition. Also in game you need to look for first aid kits so that after getting injured you can improve your standard of living. Watch your inventory so that it contains ammunition for your weapon. If there are too few of them, it is better not to engage in battle with your enemy. Everywhere there will be your rivals who will want to kill you and take all your inventory.

Gulch io


How to play

Gulch io unblockedBefore you begin, you need to choose the color of the soldier and write a unique nickname. After that, you will have exactly one minute to find weapons and ammunition. When the game starts, the timer will turn red. Do not forget that the game card will gradually narrow, and if you go beyond it, you will quickly lose.


To force your hero to move around the battlefield, press WASD.
To pick up a weapon, ammunition or first aid kit, press F.

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