is a cool 3D shooter in which little red and blue soldiers will fight. In Gun Born io game you need to choose one of two teams. After that, you will enter the territory where a fierce battle between soldiers begins.

How to play

You must destroy all opponents of in order for your team to win the battle. The standard of living of your team will be displayed at the top of the screen, so the win depends not only on you, but on all players. It is necessary to shoot directly at opponents and try so that they do not kill you. Hide behind buildings or other objects so that you are not visible.

The game has two types of guns: a pistol and a machine gun. To select one of the listed guns, you need to press 1 or 2. Players from both teams will start Gun Born io game on their bases, so the shootout will only begin when you or your opponent have covered some distance. You need to know the terrain well in order to understand which battle tactics to choose.



To move your soldier you need to press WASD
Press 1 or 2 to switch guns
Left mouse button for shooting

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