Helmet Royale io

Helmet Royale io is a new 2D Battle Royale game in which you will control a soldier in a helmet with a weapon in his hand. You need to survive in a cruel world!

Think of your hero's name to see yourself on the leaderboard when you become a winner in a battle. Before you begin, you can familiarize yourself with the area in which the battles will take place, and the detailed rules of the game. When enough players have been gathered, game will begin.

Helmet Royale io


Helmet Royale io unblocked

Helmet Royale io unblockedYou need to find a weapon to protect yourself or attack enemies. To do this, look for chests on the map HelmetRoyale io, in which there may be many necessary items. There you can find a bow, a gun, a rifle, a first aid kit, or money that will be automatically credited to your gaming account.

In the game you will find a lot of new weapons that have not previously encountered. A bow that shoots arrows from explosive warheads or a flamethrower that destroys everything in front of your hero. You will fight for survival with other players of Helmet Royale io to prove that you are the strongest of all the participants.


To move a person in a helmet, you need to press WASD buttons.
To shoot, click on the left mouse button.
To select a first aid kit or other equipment, use the cursor to select a specific character in the side of the screen.

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