Hole io

Hole io takes you to a big city where you control a black hole, absorbing everything in its path and leaving only empty asphalt. Hole can swallow cars, people, trees and even large houses. It is only necessary to grow to the moment when the buildings will be suitable in diameter.

How to play Hole io unblocked

This game is made in 3d graphics and with interesting additions that make it very interesting. Here you compete and fight with real opponents. The advantage of those players who have a big hole. To do this, you need to eat a lot of small items, so that later you can absorb large buildings.

Control of the game

All opponents fight in Hole.io for real, to become a leader in the standings. Everyone wants to take first place, destroying everyone in their path. The original idea will not leave you indifferent to this application. Many players have appreciated this application in essence, because the rating is growing rapidly every day. Put a well-deserved assessment of this game, so that others understand whether to play it or not!

Hole io


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