Knifez io is a multiplayer game where you will play amazing characters of rectangular shape that throw knives at their rivals. In order to attack, you need to turn to the enemy face and click on the left mouse button to ask for a knife. The more players you destroy, the higher in the ranking table you will find yourself.

Just eat the colorful peas that are scattered around you. It will give you strength and add game points to your score. The rating will depend not only on the number of enemies destroyed, but also on the body weight of your character. Collect on the playing field asterisks that remain from the losers players. They will add mass to your rectangle, and you'll be stronger and farther to throw weapons.

At the very beginning of you will have the opportunity to choose the color of your character, choose a knife at your discretion, as well as enter your game nickname. There are additional variants of characters and knives, but they are paid or can be earned by fulfilling some conditions.

Knifez io


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