Krunt io game was created in 2019 for fans of the genre Bettle Royale. Here you will independently survive in the gaming zone among the many rivals. To start playing, you need to wait a few seconds until a sufficient number of players gather. When the limit of fighters is reached, you will find yourself in a cruel world in which your opponents will try to destroy you.

How to play

First, find a weapon that can be used to fight on the game map. The sight will move behind the mouse cursor. To shoot, press the left button, and the bullet will fly straight into the target. In this new io game you will have the opportunity to drive a car around the playing area. Also, your soldier learned to jump, to do this, click on the spacebar. Jumping can save you from the bullet of the enemy. If you get in the car, the speed will be much higher. Vehicles do not protect you from enemy bullets, so you should always be focused and ready for a shootout.

In the game arena you will see a lot of houses, inside of which there will be chests with valuable things, these can be: first-aid kits, weapons, bandages, money and other essentials. In game will win the one who remained the last survivor in the arena. We wish you a victory!

Krunt io


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