Fight rivals in Lordz2.io Conquest, build towers and develop your army. You have to become the winner of Lordz 2 io and take the first place in the rating! Here you can create armies, build towers for your archers and magicians, as well as conquer foreign territories.

In this strategy, you can create your kingdom and develop to the maximum level. Your army will consist of many different soldiers. You can unblock the strongest soldiers later. To do this, you need to earn a lot of gold to buy other characters.



Lordz2 io unblocked

Lordz2.io unblockedBuild strong and high walls so that enemies cannot penetrate your kingdom. If they destroy your castle, Lordz io 2 game will stop, after which you will have to start all over again. You should always be ready to attack your opponents, so there should be a guard near the castle. Around the castle, create towers and place on them archers who will shoot at the enemy in dangerous situations.

Control of the game

You can move your hero using the WASD keys or a computer mouse.
To attack the enemy, click on it.
To attack another castle, you must also click on it.
To activate the power, press E.
To open the building menu, tap B.

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