Martian Alien Combat io

Martian Alien Combat io is a 3d online shooter game. Before the advent of advanced shooters, this game was and remains the coolest among shooters.

Game target in Martian Alien Combat io

We need to clean the area from its enemies. We recommend setting the highest quality graphics to enjoy the gameplay! Join the battle and try to get out of it the winner.

The game has only two modifications of the weapon, which is switched by Digital buttons: machine gun and sniper rifle. While working the machine gun it gets stuck in place and does not allow to move the sight. This situation we find in many 3d shooters made on the same platform. If you press Shift, you can both shoot and drive with the cursor.

Martian Alien Combat io control

  • WASD to move
  • Click for shooting
  • Right click for sight
  • Shift for running

Martian Alien Combat io


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