Mega Spin io Multiplayer simulator of children's toys. After the launch you'll get to the giant arena, which is worn by owners of virtual turntables from around the world. The goal of each participant is to survive at all costs.

Basic rules

Before you start playing, think of Nick and choose the color of spinner. Once on the location, collect the crystals scattered on it. The more crystals you gather, the higher the level you get. It is important to remember that in the game hp the value is unstable. It is spent with too fast movement and in collisions with other players. Crystals help to maintain HP at a consistently high level.

It is not necessary to rotate spinner. He's spinning himself. You need a mouse to guide his movement in the selected side. From spinner, whose speed is several times higher, we advise you to stay away. They're going to blow you up and throw you out of the game. But spinners slower and smaller you can attack the size.

It is best to play by expanding the game to the full screen. It is more convenient to assess the situation and monitor other players. You can send a link to the game to a friend and invite him to make you a company. Together to twist a small spinner even more cheerfully.

Mega Spin io


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