Mini Royale io

Mini Royale io is another royal game in which you need to fight for survival with real players. This version is first person, so it will be interesting to play! At the very beginning, as in the rest of the games of this genre, you control a helicopter and sit down on the territory occupied by rivals. Each player must find a weapon so that he can fight with other participants in the round. To do this, run around the game area and check all suspicious places to find the means to attack. Go into the house, check every corner, but do everything possible to have a weapon in your hands. If the enemy attacks you and you have empty hands, then victory will be on his side.

How to play

You need to actively fight with other players in order to prevent anyone from surviving. Here each soldier has the same task, and everyone has the same chance of winning. You need to clearly aim at the enemy and shoot single shots. This trick in game will allow you to quickly destroy other players, because the scope will not move much to the side.

For a shot, click on the left button. Do not forget to reload the weapon so that the cartridges do not run out at the wrong time. Also look for the first-aid items that you will need when you are injured to improve your soldier’s standard of living.

Mini Royale io


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