What do you need in Sandbox? You need to create your own farm, cost the city and protect all acquired from the constant attack of enemies. Basically, nothing new. But the fundamental difference from other games for survival is the lack of change of day and night, which entitles your character not to think of sleep and the need to warm up. This makes the game, on the one hand, easier, on the other allows you to focus on more priority lessons. For example, about earning gold.

After successful completion of the first level, you will need to decide who you want to be: earner or invader. The game will offer you a choice of two auxiliary items: Axe or sword. With the help of an axe you can extract even more minerals (+ 2 units), but the sword is useful in the battle with the enemy. Be sure to think carefully about your choice, because it is impossible to change the decision during the game.

Pay attention to the animals that will sometimes appear in your field of vision. Some may become a resource and source of meat (pig, cow), others are fraught with danger (bull, Wolf). Sandbox Rating Points

According to the tradition of the series Io games in game there is a tournament table of achievements of players. Collect the maximum number of points, extracting resources and killing enemies to get a decent place in it.

Control of the game

  • To move, use the key combination WASD
  • Use your mouse to change the viewing angle
  • Choose the desired item by clicking the mouse or numbers 1-9 Sandbox


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