Mope io

Mope io is a game on the powerful servers of which live at a time for 15 thousand players. This makes it one of the most popular and visited games of the genre. To all other regalia, Mopeio is the top io game in general. In her footsteps, such games as Deeepio deep-sea, entertaining and many others have gone. For players in there are dozens of species of animals with unique features, many of which are also secret, and for describing all the nuances of the game, it takes a lot of text, so the game is rich and rich in interactions. The game is under constant development and quite often the creators please the players with updates.

The main task in is the pumping to the strongest creature of the chosen to type (earth, water) and also a set of maximum points. Many people say that the real game begins from the moment when the maximum level of the animal is pumped. Nevertheless, the creators have made it so that each animal is interesting to play and each level has unique skills that help both hunt and hide. And those animals that you can eat are surrounded by a blue circle, and those that can eat you are marked in red.

Without water, one can not live in From hunger here still no one died, but dehydration killed a lot of players. Throughout the map are scattered blue wells with water, and just blue circles of water, lakes, from which you can drink. Also, water is extracted from the eaten animals. Thus, hunting brings you immediately and food for growth and water for survival in the world of Mopeio.

There is always a lot of food on the map, but you can eat only that which is surrounded by a green circle. The first is the red dots (berries) for land or plankton for aquatic creatures. With further upgrades, new types of food will become available to you and some old ones will be closed. In everything is thought out. begins with the choice of the type of animal shrimp or mouse. These are the two basic types of animals: earth and water. If eventually you move to the Arctic region, then with the next upgrade the animal will turn into the third type of Arctic creatures, adapted to the low temperatures of the North. A powerful variety of animals in Mopeio served as an excuse for writing more than one Wiki site dedicated to this game.

Mope io


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