Battle Royale

The main task in the world of Battle Royale is to survive and gradually move to stronger beings. After entering the nickname, you have to decide which creature level 1 to start the game. Choose from a mouse or shrimp. It depends on where the game starts: on land or in the water. There is an arctic genome of habitats, with their types of animals. It will become available if you are not far from the winter location and gain the right amount of mass.

How to play Battle Royale

Total added more than 20 species of creatures, divided into 16 levels: from small rabbits to huge black dragons. The map scattered different food, but you can only eat what is circled in bright green color. In the beginning are edible berries and plankton. Having typed a certain weight, we pump in a creature level above and variety of food becomes wider. Edible and other players are circled in a bright green contour, but you can also hunt. To become prey it is possible for those who are circled in a red contour and it is necessary to start anew. In the location are located the hole in which you can hide in case of danger. Special skills will help in the hunt for other players, because each animal is unique.

Graphics Battle Royale graphics and interface are made in flat style without superfluous details. The control is carried out by means of a virtual stick and two buttons on the screen. Developers actively develop the project, adding new options and monitor the balance of the game. It is possible to manually select a server for a more comfortable game. Battle Royale Benefits

  • Interesting and addictive gameplay;
  • Many servers with players from all over the world;
  • More than 20 different creatures;
  • Bright minimalist graphics;
  • Frequent additions of new content from developers. Battle Royale


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