Excellent Sandbox game can completely get the attention of users for quite a long time, because the fun gameplay and the system of reincarnation of characters fascinates. By launching the gameplay, you are transported into a dynamic universe, where numerous animals, different species, fighting for survival and food.

How to play Sandbox

First of all, the user should continuously monitor the indicators that show hunger and fluid in the body of the ward, because at the zero level of one of them, immediately followed by death, and then all stop. It is unlikely to want to start the game again, with some progress. So try to feed and drink your beast in time.

How to survive in Sandbox

To stay alive in a ruthless world, avoid meetings with stronger competitors, because they are not fasting to eat the creature, to increase the weight of his torso. The game has a sandbox mode to be held in different locations, for example: desert, seabed or forest wilds. It is necessary to adapt instantly to the conditions to avoid the fatal outcome of dehydration. Independently experience all the advantages and disadvantages, if any, to finally make sure of the excitement of the game. It is not for nothing that she eradicated the number of admirers. Sandbox


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