Mortar Command

In Mortar Command game, we defend the territory alone with the help of deadly weapons. The authors of the game have prepared twenty levels for us. The field of view of the camera can be increased or decreased. Near our gun are three round power plants. We must protect them. If they explode, then we will lose and start from the first level anew.

Bots play against us in Mortar Command. Initially, there will be only 3, but with each level of bots there will be more and more. Accordingly, our task is to destroy metal bots before they reach power plants in order to blow them up.

If the bot in the manipulators does not have a lethal charge, you can not worry. In the upper right corner there is an icon that indicates the charge of your super weapon. Press the spacebar once it is fully charged. Such a mortar strike can smash almost a quarter of the map! Use it wisely and go through all twenty levels!

Mortar Command



Z for normal attack
Space bar for super attack
Scroll to increase or decrease

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